Short Term Rental Insurance


Short term rental insurance from two well known providers in one place! We offer more products than just short term rental insurance. Simplify your insurance beyond just a rental property.

Broad underwriting

Property must be listed for rent and verified

New purchases have 30 days to post listing

Renting is a business no matter what you make!

Having your own insurance means control.

Protect your investment with an ANNUAL policy not per rental day!

Traditional insurers don’t like short term rentals.

Short Term Vacation Rental insurance fits!

short term rental insurance

Short Term Rental Insurance Highlights

  • Accommodate all types of rental exposures
  • Insurance applies when owner or non-owner occupied
  • Replaces current home policy so it does double duty!
  • Liability designed for commercial rental ordinances
  • Umbrella Liability protection available
  • Protect your rental income: no dollar or time limit
  • Properties owned by corporations or LLC’s
  • Single Family, multi family and condominiums
  • Coverage for guest damage and theft
  • Liability for pools, hot tubs, watercraft, bicycles and more
short term rental insurance

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