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    Do you, or an outsourced firm, back up your data and systems at least once a week, and store these backups in an offsite location?

    Do you have antivirus and firewalls in place and that these are regularly updated (at least quarterly)?

    Are you aware or have any grounds for suspecting any circumstances which might give rise to a claim?

    Within the last 5 years has your company suffered any system intrusions, tampering, virus or malicious code attacks, loss of data, loss of portable media, hacking incidents, extortion attempts, or data theft, resulting in a claim in excess of $25,000 that would be covered by this insurance?

    Do you have a written policy that requires that personally identifiable information stored on mobile devices (e.g. laptop computers / smartphones) and portable media (e.g. flash drives / back-up tapes) be protected by encryption?

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