Product Recall Insurance

Product Recall insurance covers:

  • Your Recall Expenses
  • Loss of Income
  • Adverse Publicity due to a product recall
  • Third Party Product Recall costs
  • Destruction of your Recalled Product
  • Contamination Cleanup Costs

A Recall event can be triggered by:

  • Accidental Contamination
  • Governmental Action
  • Malicious Tampering
  • Mislabeling of Product
product recall insurance

Insurance Consulting Services

One of the best parts of having an insurance policy is the services offered when you buy a policy. Insurance companies contract with consultants for procedural consults and post recall event strategies.

A recall unsettle your business but having trained professionals on your side will be very comforting.

Not all Insurance products are the same.

Policies may cover consumable products some may not. Many of the options listed above can be added but you need someone to help you with the choices.

We can help navigate the insurance market and build a policy that meets your expectations.

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