Rental Property Insurance


  • Broad underwriting guidelines
  • Property must be listed for rent and verified by underwriting
  • New purchases have 30 days to post listing

Homeowners insurance is not designed for business exposures.
Many insurers who insure vacation homes offer only limited rental exposure.
Insurers that cater to landlords often are unwilling to insure properties that are rented for short terms and want annual leases in place

Vacation rental home insurance is a specific product that you need to check out!

highlights of what we offer are

  • Commercial Policy that can accommodate all types of rental exposures
  • Insurance still applies when owner occupied
  • This policy replaces your current personal policy and can offer personal coverage as part of the package
  • Liability is designed for commercial rental and will satisfy local business requirements and licenses if needed
  • Umbrella Liability protection available
  • Protect your rental income with no dollar or time limit
  • Properties owned in corporations or LLC’s are ok
  • Single Family, multi family and condominiums
  • Coverage for guest damage and theft
  • Offers liability protection for swimming pools, hot tubs, watercraft, bicycles and more
  • Mountain properties with little or no fire protection nearby