Text Me!

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Text Me!

Texting is a convenient way to communicate information that does not require much of an explanation. We can send and receive text messages that will become part of your policy records.
You can now text an insurance agent information you need us to know and we can do the same in return.

How it Works

When you text an insurance agent and we have your mobile number on file it will match your message to your account. If we do not have your number, and you text an insurance agent, be sure to include in your text message your name. We can add your number to our system. This is a great way to communicate payment information, claim details, address changes, phone/email changes, auto insurance card requests and much more.

Try it out. Text an insurance agent you are interested in getting these types of messages and we will add it to your file. We will not randomly send you text messages. This is suppose to be convenient not annoying.

The Number

The text only number to reach us is: 518-203-1615 or send us an email to service@personalcoverage.com for more information. This number does not accept phone calls. Our main phone number is 518-490-1018 or 800-636-3684.
Add this number to your contacts. We will also have a tag line “Your Insurance Agent” so it is clear that it is us contacting you.

You Don’t Have to be a Client

Not a client, no problem. Use the number to ask us a question just be sure you include your name. Sending us an email address is a great help. Not all information we may need lends well to a text message. We can include your number in our system once we know what it is you are looking for and who will help you.
Texting can be a quick easy way to convey information. It will take insurance off your To Do list faster!