rental property insurance

Rental Property Insurance

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Loss of Rents Rental property insurance articles often focus on losses to tangible property. This article will take a different viewpoint. Landlords often neglect loss of rents coverage in their policies leaving a valuable and inexpensive coverage behind. Loss of rents coverage in rental property insurance is an indirect insurance coverage. Indirect insurance coverages hinge on covered direct damage. Let’s …

The case for your own Vacation Rental Insurance

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Vacation Rental is a Business Renting your property is a business activity. Perhaps it does not feel like work but it is a business. Making a profit does not define a business. Many businesses loose money. A business does not have to have a formal name or corporate structure. It can a one person sole proprietorship or a corporation with …

Rental Income Coverage

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Rental Income Coverage Rental income means a lot if you: Have tenant occupied residences as your main business Have tenant occupied residences for a side income Rent your home or a home on a short term basis for vacations, events or corporate meetings A rental income coverage policy can help protect you in the event of a loss of rental …