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If you are a pet owner you have paid a visit to a veterinarian at one point or another and maybe you walked out thinking about pet insurance. I know I have. Routine physicals seem to run about $200 to $300 it seems. This includes vaccinations and a routine physical. I can handle that kind of expense because we chose to get a dog and want him to be as healthy as possible.

But what about when your pet eats something that can really cause harm? Have you ever been to an emergency facility? Not cheap. I paid and it hurt but I and the dog, recovered.  So now what happens when the dog starts to throw up for an unknown reason? We think it is something he ate but turns out to be a possible kidney issue? That hurts more and actually hits the top threshold for having to seriously consider can this be afforded at all. Long term medical bills were not part of the plan when we decided to get a dog.

Enter Pet Insurance. There are many plans you can research. We have what we consider a pretty good one offered through our website. You speak directly to the provider (Petplan pet insurance) and the website has a ton of useful information.

Petplan Pet Insurance

Petplan benefits can be customized and you can buy online. Our code gives you a discount up to 10%. Our discount code is INS0215C. Seems most beneficial for dogs 5 to 6 yrs of age and younger. Very helpful for larger unexpected health issues or accidents. Older dogs get more expensive so you need to weigh out the cost of the insurance versus the potential cost of care. Cats tend to be less expensive to insure than dogs. All you need to start shopping is breed, age, zip code and an email address.


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